So who in the heck is Susan Dennis Anyway?

In March of 1949, I was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and have lived in a bunch of other places. In January of 1992 I moved to Seattle, Washington where I just think I'll stay, thank you very much.

I am not a programmer (although I make a pretty good beta tester!), but I love to fiddle with the computer to make it do stuff that I didn't think I could make it do.

For 15 years I worked for IBM (hence most of the moving around) doing communications and public relations. Then IBM asked me to move to Phoenix, Arizona but I couldn't stand the idea of leaving Seattle.

I found a job at a public relations agency here in Seattle and discovered that the real skill they needed was contract HTML and web work for their clients. So I quit, came home to my living room, and started free lance web work and Internet consulting. I helped build Office Space Online as well as other fun websites. for two years I worked in my jammies and loved it. It was great fun.

But, the web got sophisticated faster than I could keep up on my own so I decided to go work someplace where I could pick up some better skills.  The next three years found me fully employed at Microsoft which was a fabulous experience.  And then one day a very convincing recruiter for an Internet startup company called and the next thing I know, I'm an ex-Microsoftee.  In 1999 I started a new job as  Senior Marketing Writer with Vitessa.  But, alas, the company couldn't survive the economic meltdown and I became a dot com casualty.

PAR3 Communications, where I spent two and a half years as their Marketing Communications Manager.  But, alas, their requirements changed and I was laid off in February of 2004.  So, I thought I'd try contracting for a while.  The first gig I picked up was right back at Microsoft doing very nearly the same job I had before!  It was great fun.  I did it for 18 months and picked up a bunch of new skills.  Plus, I commuted by bus which was heaven.  In November of 2005, I joined Resources Online.  My commute got even better because I was able to work at home again.  I did web production work - getting the words and pix onto the web page - and I loved it. 

But, good things, end... etc. I got laid off and took it as a sign that it was time to retire.

I was married once and learned that I had no skills in that area, so now I'm most happily single.  I live with Zoey, an enchanting black cat who was about 4 when I adopted her in 2013. 

I live in downtown Seattle in a really cool building that was once a warehouse. My condominium overlooks where the Kingdome used to be and the Seahawks stadium is now.  It's a great view that changes every minute.  

I love a sharp wit. I hate whining. I think snow is magical and I love baseball.

Zoeyy is deeply into computers...


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