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From 1995-2007, I catalogued all of the books I read in a database. There are a little more than 650 in that database. In 2008, I started using goodreads website. I have now moved the entire list and all the reviews to goodreads. I no longer really review the books I read but I do keep a list (mainly so I won't buy the same ones over and over again!) Here's a sampling of the books I've read most recently.

Susan's books

The Burglar
it was amazing
There is just something so compelling about any Thomas Perry story. One word just takes you to the other til you get to the end. This one was particularly good. A female burglar finds a murder scene and works to unravel it. Towards the e...
The Defense
really liked it
I enjoyed this book a lot until it fell into a bucket of melodrama at the very end. It grabbed onto the cliche of daddy's little girl and beat it nearly to death. I wish it had killed it all together but, alas, I'm sure it will be back. ...
The Safest Lies
it was amazing
What about children of those various women kidnapped and then held in captivity until they are released or they escape. How do they deal with their mother's history or do they? This was a great plot and well told. It bordered on the me...
Pieces of Her
liked it
I really liked this plot. A lot. Which was good because if ever a book needed an editor it was this one. The melodrama was applied with a pallet knife. Everyone stress vomited way too much. The last 10% of the book could have/should have...
The Warner Boys: Our Family’s Story of Autism and Hope
it was amazing
I got this, I think as either a free book or on sale a while back and picked it up no long ago. It's a really interesting read. I'm not a football fan but I am a Seattle fan and appreciated the ties there but also the humanity and trials...

My top ten lists for 1996-2003

For several years, The Seattle Mystery Bookshop asked me to compile my top ten list for the year.  I don't do it any more but the old lists are still good!

1996 For the last four years, I was asked by my a local bookshop to compile a list of my top ten favorites of the year for their newsletter.  The rules are the lists can include NO Northwest authors.

What the Deaf Mute Heard, g.d. Gearino
Becker's Ring, Steven Martin Cohen
Black Light, Stephen Hunter
Cast in Stone, G.M. Ford
Lilly White, Susan Issacs
Medussa's Child, John Nance
f2f, Phillip Fench
Weatherman, Steve Thayer
Dark Spector, Michael Dibdin
anything by Colin Bateman


Counting Coup, g.d. Gearino
Red Sky at Night, James W. Hall
Lucky You, Carl Hiassen
King Con, Stephen J. Cannell
Virgin Heat, Laurence Shames
The Angel of Darkness, Caleb Carr
Killing Floor, Lee Child
The Bone Collector, Jeffrey Deaver
The Judgement, William J. Coughlin


Mangrove Squeeze, Laurence Shames
Mortal Fear, Greg Illes
The Tenth Justice, Brad Meltzer
The Death and Life of Bobby Z, Don Winslow
Whacking Jimmy, Willilam Wolf
Criminal Seduction, Darian North
Body Language, James W. Hall
Die Trying, Lee Child
The Job, Douglas Kennedy
Coffin Dancer, Jeffrey Deaver
The Blue Place, Nicola Griffith
The Genesis Code, John Chase


Outside the Rules - Dylan Jones
Blue Hole -
g.d. gearino
Messiah -
Boris Starling
Term Limits -
Vince Flynn
Welcome to Paradise -
Laurance Shames
Quiet Game -
Greg Illes
Blood Money -
Rochelle Krich
Wild Horses -
Brian Hodge
Gideon -
Russell Andrews
Eleven Days -
Donald Harstad

Nathan's Run - John Gilstrap
Even Steven - John Gilstrap
At All Costs - John Gilstrap
Saving Faith - David Baldacci
Demolition Angel - Robert Crais
Deep Background - David Corn
Void Moon - Michael Connelly
First Counsel - Brad Meltzer
Wild Justice - Phillip Margolin


Decade The shop asked for top ten for the last 10 years.... This turned out to be very difficult.  I could have done the top 20 fairly easily and, as you can see, I cheated with my 'anything by' entries.    

Mortal Fear - Greg Illes
Becker's Ring - Steven Martin Cohen
Anything by g.d. gearino
Messiah - Boris Starling
Outside the Rules - Dylan Jones
The Death and Life of Bobby Z. - Don Winslow
Bookman's Wake - John Dunning
Anything by Michael Connelly
Anything by Laurence Shames
Anything by Carl Hiassen

And, this leaves out Caleb Carr and Jeffrey Deaver who should not be left out - ooops cheating again.  And, I would have loved to have room for Tenth Justice by Brad Meltzer and Divorcing Jack by Colin Bateman.  Ok.  That's it. I'm done. (For various reasons, I was not allowed to include Northwest authors in these lists.)

I am no longer affiliated with the bookshop for which I gathered my top ten lists in previous years, but now I'm in the habit!  Here are is the top 10 for 2001... (list now includes Northwest authors - at least one anyway!)

Anything by Stephen White
Anything by PJ Parrish
Total Recall by Sara Paretsky
Mengele's Legacy by David Jay Weinberg
Tell No One by Harlen Cobin
Dead Sleep by Greg Illes
Fury by GM Ford
Headwinds by John Nance
Death Benefits by Thomas Perry
Echo Burning by Lee Child

2002 2002 was not a spectacular year.  I could only find 9 for my top 10!

Paint it Black by PJ Parrish
The Expert by Lee Gruenfiled
Eureka by William Diehl
The Up and Comer by Howard Roughan
Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly
City of Bones by Michael Connelly
Separation of Power by Vince Flynn
Turbulence by John Nance
Gone for Good by Harlan Coben

2003 - My 10 is 11 this year.  Balance...

Scott Free- John Gilstrap
Black River - G. M. Ford
Final Victim - Stephen J. Cannell
Without Fail - Lee Child
Fender Benders - Bill Fitzhugh
Monkeewrench - P.J. Tracy
Lost Light - Michael Connelly
No Second Chance - Harlan Coben
Bangkok 8 - John Burdett
Second Watch - Lawen Clausen
The Devil's Bed - William Kent Kruger



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