The KingdomeComes Down...

Or... The story behind the story...

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This is my condo - as you look at the photo (brought to you by may great neighbor, Lee) the Kingdome is just to your left.  That's me in the red circle.

I live across the street from Seattle's Kingdome. It's just too good an opportunity not to take advantage of.

Several years ago, I saw the movie Smoke. (Harvey Keitel, not naked.) A small plot point had Harvey, who plays the owner of a smoke shop in Brooklyn, taking the same photo every single day for years and years and years of the same scene just outside his shop. He had volumes of photo albums of these shots which chronicled every day. I just could never shake this. It fascinated me.

When I learned the Kingdome was going to be torn down for a new football stadium, I decided to run my own version of Harvey's photo journal. Since our days are quite short here for a good part of the year, when I was commuting I was not home during daylight. So, daily shots were out. But, I started in October of 1997, taking the same shot of the Kingdome every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. I have an album of those shots from October, 1997 through April 4, 1999. But, then I moved the project to the web. I didn't go to the trouble of scanning in all the former shots.  I just picked up, with my digital camera, and continued every Sunday.

But, in January of 2000, things just got too interesting for just once a week.  The demolition started and the landscape changed every day.  So I started shooting pictures of the changes.

Then I started getting an audience who demanded more and I kind of got into the rhythm of the thing and started shooting every day.  And soon the page got too big.  So that's kind of where we are now.

Ivar Sandsmark's Live Cam  His shots are looking South.

Dan Sherbeck's Live Cam - His view looks like it's in my block but a bit closer.

Turner Construction's Cam has a shot looking North (but the camera has been down for several days...

lookingsouth.gif (44841 bytes)lookingnorth.gif (49135 bytes)Steve Majewski sent me a note suggesting I add photos of the new stadium. The picture on the left is one facing south.  The one on the right is facing north.  I put red arrows pointing to my condo so you can see what I will see.

A short history...  I did scan in a selection of those not on the page of weekly shots so you can see the whole progression...

October 1, 1997
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Sept. 30, 1998
k93098.jpg (72621 bytes)
October, 25, 1998
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December 24, 1998
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April 4, 1999
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January 30, 2000
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Allstar87.jpg (27755 bytes)
There have been many outstanding events in the Kingdome over the
years.  Adam Hamby was kind enough to scan in this logo for the 1987 All-Star
game which he also said was Julius Ervings last All-Star Game.

You guys!
Brian Sandefur came up with a great idea... to list the folks I've heard from about the Kingdome pages.  These are all the people who sent me notes between 1/29/00 through 3/26/00.  Thanks to you all!!!

Here you are no particular order:

Mr. Ayson's 7th grade art class, Kaneohe, HI
Brian  Sandefur, Dallas Texas

Zack Willhoite, Puyallup, WA
Rich Wildhirt, Seattle, WA
Kaj Trapp, Seattle and Olympia, WA
Mike in Ohio
Tony Nicholas, Auburn, WA
Tim Mcpherson, Seattle, WA
Thomas Kent-Dobias, Seattle area
Sandy Taricco, Houston, TX
Tabitha Holmquist, Seattle, WA
Jeff Swanson, Shoreline, WA
Sean Watts, Battle Ground, WA
Scott Thieson, Seattle, WA
Ric Salas, Fayetteville, NC
Phil Rooney, Kansas
Ron Douglas, Seattle, WA
Reywasma, Palm Springs
Raymond Dong, Seattle, WA
Ray Brown, Dayton, WA
Dale Peterson
Paul Jackson, Bellevue, WA
Richard & Helga Molby, Tampa, FL
Mike Curtis, Oxford UK
Mickey McKinney, Port Townsend, WA
Michael Go, Kirkland, WA
Marianne Gordon - 100 miles and a mountain range from here
Linda, Seattle area
Linda Mabey, Shelton, WA.
Kathy Cupp and Craig, Seattle and San Diego
John Rankin, Seattle area
Jeffrey & Rhonda Pennington, Kent, WA
Jan Schmid-Cook, somewhere near Seattle
Jim Oldfield, Anchorage, AK
Ivar Sandsmark, Seattle, WA
George Geanuleas, Huntingdon Valley, PA
Tim Flavin
Heber Farnsworth, Seattle, WA
Dave Law, Seattle, WA
David Mirly
Dave Kenady. Des Moines, WA
Crystal Smithwick, Seattle, WA 
Connie Griffin, Seattle area
Chris Condit
Brian Power, Kansas City, MO
Burl Fabianek, Kent, WA
Dan Murphy, Seattle, WA
Alan Whipple, Thousand Oaks, CA
Adam Hamby
Brooke, Kent, WA
chefsteve, Everett, WA
Chris Peterson, Seattle, WA
Smiley Family, Kirkland WA
Curt Knight, Centralia, WA
unknown in Hawaii
Bob Hunt and Betty Edwards, Seattle and Arizona
Bob Caldwell, Renton,WA
Jouko Salo Tampere, Finland
Cara Schotch, Atlantic Canada
Alan David Graffin, Perth, Australia
Mike Wakeman, Tacoma, WA
Karen, Federal Way, WA
Chris Armstrong, Lynnwood, WA
Barb McLane and Ted Blegdstad, Ireland
Hugh Pritchard, Eugene, OR
Johnny V. Begaye,  Denver, CO. 
Bryan Chitwood, Greensboro, NC
Mike Thorington, Lynnwood, WA
gweeks, Kennewick, WA
K. Norris, Inuvik N.T. Canada
Yves C??BR> Vince Ackerman, Los Angeles
Richard Bright and Kyle Goodman, Corning, NY
Holiday and Ken Thomas, Portland, OR
Everett Husen, Sioux Falls, SD
Jason T.C. Abbey, Houston, TX
Steve, Kirkland, WA 
Anthony James, Belfair, WA
Kay Helms, rural OK
Mary Zampino, Tallahassee, FL
Cameron Bruce, Seattle, WA
Dave Demsey, Atco, New Jersey
Constance Stanley, Phoenix, AZ
Kevin Tessner,  Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Forbes Mercy, Yakima, WA
Lance Carlson - "Reluctant Seattle Refugee Who Misses All Things Seattle"
Albert F. Magg
Bruce Fisher, near Portland, OR
Kevin Casey, Illinois
Mark & Helen Harries, southern Germany
Marilyn Wilson, Seattle, WA
Joe Lucarelli's sister, Lorraine, NJ
Wyman Renfrow, Ellensburg, WA
Aaron in Nebraska
George Marty, Shadyside, Ohio
Dave C
Nan Lee, outside San Francisco
Tom Fitzgibbon, Louisville, KY
Michael Murphy, Halifax
Mark Tekauc, Pontypool, Ontario
Claudia, Portland
Bern, Mt. Vernon, WA
Steve Sorbo, Seattle, WA
Kevin Gary, Lacey/Ellensburg, WA
Ralph Irish
Roger Bighill
Kenny Acker, Ventura, CA
Bob Gilson
Bruce Jed



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