Braid Afghan

Pattern:  I think I copied this pattern out of a library book.  The paper I have only says p. 41.  I may have the name of the book with my other patterns but I am in the middle of a home makeover and my knitting notebooks are buried.

The pattern calls for 10 needles and 152 stitches.  I made adjustments.

Next time - and there will be a next time - this was both a fun one to do and I like the look of the finished product a lot.  This time I used a 4 garter stitch boarder and I'd probably keep that.  I had 15 repeats of the pattern and I'd probably knock that down to 14 or maybe even 13.  (292 if 14 and 272 if 13)

Stitches:  312 for 15 repeats

Needles:  #6

Yarn:  Caron's Simply Soft Brites! - Blut Mint 9608, 9.25 skeins (300 yds /6 oz per) [This color is a bear to capture with my camera (and my lowly photography skills) - it is truly something in the middle of all these shots!]

Dimensions:  60" wide x 61" long

Knitted:  4/9/05 - 5/23/05





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