Diamond Blanket

February 7, 2004

Finished!  I will definitely make this one again but with deviations from the printed pattern.  (I've penciled in the changes on my hard copy but I'm adding them here just to help me remember!) 

This one finished is 66x51 inches.  (Diamond repeated 4 times - not 5 like the pattern calls for.)  8.5 skeins (6 oz) TLC Essentials (worsted weight 4 ply) Claret (2936).

Pattern called for 262 stitches.  I added two extra cables making it a total of 292.  Next time, I think I might do the cables a little differently - a more lose cable for better draping.  Maybe.

Both images are thumbnails.

Click on them for a bigger version.

February 1, 2004

This one is nearly done - it's still fun.  I have some buttery yellow yarn and I may do the same pattern again in that.

On my monitor, this photo comes as close to the actual color.  If you look at the pictures of this project, you'd think I'm dying the yarn in between photo shoots, but I'm really not.

And, yes, that's a cat butt in the lower left - Betty's.



January 18, 2004

I'm at exactly the half way point.  And it's turning out beautifully.  This is a great one to make - just a perfect level of complexity and, at the same time, easy enough to remember without having to stayed glued to the instructions.  And.... Jake likes it, too.

This is the real color.  I have finally learned - after using a digital camera now for more than 5 years - to turn the flash off.  Makes a big difference.

January 10, 2004

This is one I have done before, as it turns out.  I didn't really remember it until I was about 30 rows in.  It's one of my favorites.  It's an easy pattern to follow.  See that big diamond?  You knit until you have five of those - 5 intermediate goals and 5 satisfying chunks.  (The color difference between this shot and the first one is because I'm not the world's greatest photographer... it's a burgundy color in real life.)


December 29, 2003

New afghan!  This is what the pattern looks like.  I've added 2 extra columns of cable. 

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