Rainbow Lap Robe

October 30, 2003

This is way smaller than I would have liked...  it measure 37" wide by 51" long.  I used a H sized crochet hook and it's based on a chain of 147 stitches.  The yarn is Red Heart Hokey Pokey and the colors are (from the bottom up) Periwinkle (No. 7113), Blue Bonnet (No. 7111), Spearmint (No. 7110), Sunshine (No. 7109), Tangerine (No. 7108) and Bubblegum (No. 7107).

But, it will make someone a nice lap robe.   I may well use this same yarn and colors again for a knitted version that is bigger.



October 28, 2003

This is the happiest looking thing I've worked on in forever.  I love the colors.  As I mentioned, it was a kit which is kind of a shame since it will be way smaller than I would have liked.  I may just order up more of this same yarn and make a similar version but bigger and knitted.  I'm just not that comfortable with crochet.

The pattern with the kit calls for the repeat I am on now to be the last meaning that I should finish this off in two more inches but I think I'm just going to keep going until I run out of yarn. 

It's supposed to be a lap robe but it could be for a big lap.


October 24, 2003


This is a fun little afghan - actually probably it will be more like a lap robe.  It's a kit that I got because I really liked the colors and it was on sale.

But, it's not knitting... it's crochet.  It will be 4 repeats of what you see here.  Shouldn't take long but I'm enjoying the change.




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