Other Peops in (and out of) My Life
  • My Parents - My father died in 1999, I shared a special relationship with my Mom for the last six years of her life.  Before she died in 2005,  she was a constant topic in this journal and still adds fodder now and again.

  • My Brother - My brother is 4 years younger than I am and lives in Georgetown, Tx.  He's married to wife #3 whom we all call Trey.  (Wife #1 signs her email Uno.)  I tried to sell him when he was 2 and couldn't find a buyer.  I'm sooo glad now.  He's a sharp cookie, a good person and a wonderful friend.

  • My Sister - My sister is 18 months younger than I am.  She is a widow, has three daughters and lives on Lopez Island in Puget Sound.  She and I have never been close and now rarely speak - more from nothing to say than real animosity but I guess there's a fair amount of that, too.

  • The Rest - My parents had one sibling each. My mom had a brother who was killed in WWII. My dad had a sister who died in teh 70's. She had one son who is 6 years older than I am and lives in Oklahomoa City. In, short, there ain't a lot of other family left at all! I live alone and am pretty lazy about being social IRL.

Bio details that might help you follow along
  • I was an exective speech writer for the first half of my careeer and a web producer for the second half. I retired in July of 2012.

  • I was born in Brooklyn, NY.

  • We moved to New Jersey and then Iowa and then Kansas City where I started 1st grade.

  • We moved to North Carolina where I spent most of my growing up.

  • I went to a fancy finishing school instead of high school.

  • When I was in college my parents lived in mid-town Manhattan, NYC - a great place to spend vacations!

  • I lived in Wheeling, WV and the Aiken, SC when I was a newspaper reporter.

  • I lived in Greenwood, SC when I worked for IBM the first time.

  • I lived in Southern Pines, NC and worked for myself making clothes for people and finishing their needlework projects.

  • I lived in Charlotte, NC and worked as the marketing manager for a non-profit performing arts theater and then I went back to work for IBM.

  • I lived in White Plains, NY and in Stamford, CT.

  • I lived in Rochester, MN.  I moved to Morgan Hill, CA and then to Seattle, WA.

  • I left IBM and worked for myself building web pages back when IE wasn't born yet and Netscape had just released version 2. 

  • I worked for Microsoft until the dot coms exploded and a recruiter talked me into working for one.  Worked there until it went under and then went to another one that did not go under but did lay me off. I've worked as a vendor on Microsoft websites since then.

  • I was married once. When I was 30. For a little over 2 years, the first 6 months of which didn't suck too badly.  He was - actually is - 21 years older than I am and had 5 kids and one son-in-law when we got married.  I was wife #2 out of 3 or 4 for him.  He was it for me.  I'm done.

  • I had my tubes tied the minute I could legally (in North Carolina anyway) do so.

And, that's probably more than you ever wanted to know.