Butter Afghan

March 21, 2004

Finished.  The details:

  • 50"x60"
  • Size 6 needles
  • 10 skeins of Red Heart TLC Ultra Soft (50z/3ply) 5263 Butterscotch
  • No deviation from the pattern as written

March 20, 2004

This is absolutely one of my favorite patterns ever.  It just does not get boring.  It's now 55" long and I could easily just keep going forever.  Proportion says that I really need to stop in about 3 inches.  And so I will but I'll be doing it again, for sure and soon. 

March 7, 2004

This is turning out to be another fun one to do and I think it's going to be a fine finished project.  There are a ton of errors in it.  The first third is full of them.  The last third will be better.  But, I just figure that mistakes are what guarantees that it will always be recognized as 'made by hand'!

So far this is 36" long.  It's about 52" wide so I'll probably shoot for 60" long.  I have enough yarn on hand.


February 24, 2004

This was a hard pattern to noodle out.  What you see here are 4 repeats of the pattern and I am only now getting it down.  The first 4 repeats are rife with mistakes.  The last 6 will be better!  It is going to be a beautiful blanket and I may have to do another in the same pattern right after this one to make sure I have the pattern down.  It's kind of fun to do one that really challenges.

February 15, 2004

This might not look like a different blanket than the picture below but it is.  I got about 5 inches into the other one and decided that I didn't like the pattern so I ripped it out and started all over again - same yarn, same needle size, different pattern.  I like this one much better.  And the color in this picture is truer to the real color.

February 9, 2004

And a new blanket begins.  I am trying a new yarn - with a new pattern.  Size 6 needles - the pattern is from Herrschners and called Simply Elegant.  I've added in a pattern repeat to make it wider since the pattern calls for bigger yarn and bigger needles and I want the blanket bigger!  The yarn is Red Heart TLC Ultra Soft.


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