Knitting of Susan Dennis

Bears and Fish

I learned how to knit when I was 6. I asked my Mom to show me how and she said that it as too complicated for a 6 year old. I begged and begged and told her to just get me started and I'd figure out the rest. She did and I did. I don't really need (and don't want to buy the expensive yarn) knitted stuff for me to wear any more so I knit for charity.

Nearly a decade ago, I started knitting teddy bears. I tried a bunch of different patterns and finally rolled my own. I dabbled in other animals but always came back to the bears and finally just stayed in bear land.

All my bears are donated to new babies of indigent mothers.

Below are two patterns I created. Feel free to use either or both. I also don't care if you copy, sell, propogate the patterns or the results. They are free to whoever wants them to do whatever with.

Here is the pattern for this cutie! 


And here is my bear pattern.



Here is a batch of photos of my knitting. I also take a photo of my knitting basket every morning at Those photos are here.


 (If you want to see projects from the past you can see the past projects.)

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